Margaret Kane Ryder is a creative expert with extensive experience in event planning, interior design and floral arrangement


Margaret is a creative expert with extensive experience in event planning, interior design and floral arrangement. Her passion for great design, love of nature and appreciation for beautiful things influences every aspect of her work. Inspired by the cultures and traditions of far away places, Margaret is just as likely to find meaning in a walk around the block as a trip around the world. Collaborator, instigator, inventor, magician, and imagineer, Margaret transforms an idea into a reality that’s even better. Her aesthetic is constantly changing and evolving to be fresh and unexpected while remaining classic and timeless. “Good design is never out of style.” 



Speciality: Boutique Events and Design
Details: Raised in Florida, Hotty Toddy y’all, entertaining enthusiast, hostess with the mostess, Julie McCoy keeping us all in the know, Mom to Wallace the perfect Lab

Speciality: Gorgeous Flowers, Parties and Events 
Details: California girl, Mom of 3 plus four legged Hazel, crazy love for flowers, creative foodie with a serious green thumb, the garden is her happy place

Specialty: Design and Fashion
Details: Grew up in Arizona, lover of all things art, outside the box thinker, budding photographer with a great laugh, has her finger on the pulse, lover of all four legged creatures

GINA HORTON (not pictured)
Speciality: Mrs Fix It
Details: California girl, Mom of 4 boys plus four legged Callie and many chickens, right AND left brained, organizer, problem solver, McGyver is an understatement

formerly fleurt

Kane & Co. is a full service lifestyle design firm specializing in interior design, event planning and floral arrangements. What began as a dream to share the beauty and power of nature grew to become a reliable source for all things floral which in turn expanded into the larger world of event planning and interior design. “The evolution was not only natural, it was inevitable. Change is good in people and design and even in companies if you keep the foundation solid. We should always be evolving and improving. Artists, musicians, fashion designers, architects and all creative people get inspired by something and then turn it, flip it, shape it into something new. It’s how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.”

Whether planning an event, creating an arrangement or designing a home, Kane & Co. makes it personal. We know it’s the small things that matter and make a difference. Your event is an opportunity to create lasting memories and should reflect your style and personality. Similarly, your home is your sanctuary. We work with clients to create homes that are as unique and distinct as the people who live in them.